Facts About 50 Shades of Grey

BDSM is a unique relationship that only a few have the heart to maintain. There are no restrictions that who is going to be in control. However, the partner who is dominant always gets the upper hand but there are a few individuals that sometimes allow their partner to select the type of trap they would like.

There were many individuals that did not even knew about BDSM lifestyle until the introduction of 50 shades of grey. The reason is that there was so little information about the sex style and it was hard to understand. However, it seems like the novel has cleared all the doubts and it has been displayed in the form of movie. Here are some of the interesting facts you should know about 50 shades of grey.

It showed how BDSM is actually done

It all starts with how one partner can dominate the other. In the story, there is a contract signed between the partner and in the real-life relationship, it is exactly done the same way because the dominating person always allows the other partner to leave whenever they like. In the same way, all the tools and gadgets used in the movie for the sex scenes are used in real life BDSM as well. The dominating personality gets the authority to select that ho he or she would like to enjoy or play with the body of the other person. Everything has been clearly explained in the novel and movie and this is where the fun actually begins.

Sales of ropes increased after the movie

It has been noticed that in 50 shades of grey the most commonly used tool is ropes and gadget. After people understood that what actually BDSM they were interested in trying the new style of sex and here is what actually happened.

  • 1. Within few days the sales of ropes markedly increased because that is the cheapest and easily accessible way of trying the BDSM lifestyle.
  • 2. The rates of ropes in a few states were increased as well because retailers got the idea that why people are interested in buying the product.
  • 3. There were many individuals who used different sex toys as well but most importantly their concentration was on tying the partner so they can enjoy their body without any kind of restrictions.
  • 4. However, most of the people shared their experience and said that most of the partners got the chance to dominate on their turns and it is the best sex that they have had in ages.

People learned the BDSM relationship and the book's sales reach a record

One of the most amazing facts you should know about 50 shades of grey is that it became the most sold book in the world. We all know that Bible is the most sold book and 50 shades of grey got the rank after it. The book became so popular especially among the young adults and teenagers because they got the chance to work on something new to get pleasure.

Enjoy your time in a unique way

It would not be wrong to say that 50 shades of grey teach us many new things and it provides us the chance to experience our sex life in such a way that will bring back the spark once again. So it is the time that you pay attention and try BDSM lifestyle for one.