Experience New Things Beyond...

Living a conventional and orthodox life may be enough for some people. However, there are many people who want to break all types of stereotypes and want to experience things beyond permitted cultural and religious boundaries - BDSM. Living a life outside the conventional ways has its own benefits. Some of the benefits are as follows:

You feel invincible

When you practice kinky sex beyond the regular, you experience unique feelings. You feel in charge which you might not feel in your daily life. It is not just rough sex which allows your masculinity to come out but it is also a gateway to better mental and physical health. You feel dominant or submissive which is a change for your brain. You can be a dominating boss at work but submissive to your partner in bed. That can be very exciting and adventurous. People who get tired of a daily routine can experience and discover new feelings and states of mind and body.

You become more open with your partner about your fantasies

Sometimes it is not a good idea to keep all your fantasies and ideas inside of you. You must share your feelings to feel lighter for your own well being. Let's say you want to tie your partner with hand cuffs (mildest forms of kinky sex), this shows great trust in each other. It improves your bonding. Studies show increased dopamine, also known as the hormone of happiness.

A decrease in psychological stresses

When one entertains himself with a lot of new sexual experiments, he/she is basically challenging his/her insecurities. Such activities reduce hidden psychological stresses and make you more confident in life.

You feel happy (without doing drugs)

Well, whenever you do something wrong, there is a thrill in it. You may reach this feeling without using drugs, which means that the chemical change taking place in your brain, making you happy is totally natural. There is no substitute for natural happiness. Don't ruin your health with drugs.

Improves physical health

A lot of sexual practices which come under BDSM are quite physical and require a lot of exertion. It is a good way of letting your body burn some calories. For example, whipping your partner again and again needs stamina and energy. Just keep in mind not to harm your partner to injurious limits. Such sexual play makes you more physically fit. A natural motivation is involved in such activities so you don't need to spend extra time at the gym.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone

Such activities push you out of your comfort zone and in life, if you need to progress you need to come out of your bubble. Let's say this is a way of training your brain to come out of the comfort zone. This could be beneficial in many aspects, as it empowers you.

Lights up your love life

Until you try it at least once, you'll never know whether you like it or not. Maybe this is what you need to bring your sex back to life. Who knows your partner and you might love it. After all, it is a thrilling practice.

It will shake things up

Your wife is really shy and submissive? It is time to pump her with some confidence. How about you switch roles? Let her dominate you for the night. She becomes in charge and you become the captive. This will definitely be good for her self esteem.