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When vanilla sex gets boring, join BDSM sites is one way of spicing up your sex life. BDSM, acronym for Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Masochism, is not a hushed topic anymore, there are many BDSM sites sprouting on the internet these days that actually help in unveiling the mystery surrounding the whole BDSM scene.

Hollywood often lies blatantly about this practice, and so do books, if you want to have a first-hand experience of it, you must check out the online forums. In this space, you won't have to be ashamed of your desires and you can learn freely about it in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. Though BDSM apparently looks rough, it can actually turn out to be pretty fun when the right person is taking care of you. BDSM may get rough, but there is always comfort later on. Consent is a huge thing; you can say the safeword whenever you are not comfortable. You might want to know about these amazing and helpful BDSM sites if you are considering it.

  • #1 is an alternative bondage dating site with an active community, which is easily accessible and helps you find people who are interested in similar kinks, fetishes and share your interests and fantasies in general. It has an online chat room where you can find your BDSM partner to chat with you or indulge in kinky games with you. You can share bondage videos and images and talk about it or plan how you would like to do it. You can also find dates from this community with whom you can practice BDSM in real life.

    This site enables you to find alternative BDSM partner, dominatrix or a sub, mistress or a master. You can choose your partner from a wide range of options; and more importantly you can choose your partner according to your fetishes and kinks. This is also a safe space for gay, lesbian or bisexual people. This community, however, specializes in bondage; be it latex bondage, breast bondage, rope bondage or handcuffs, you will be served. In brief, this is a place that helps you fulfill your wildest desire.

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    Like Tinder or OkCupid, BDSMdatingonly is a dating site where you can find your perfect BDSM match. Here, you can find above 21 years old men and women whom you can have BDSM relationship with. The bdsm dating site has many features with which you can make your profile attractive.

    There are standard, silver and gold memberships; the more premium you profile becomes, the more is your chance of finding the perfect match. You can also put your profile in the highlight section so that it appears highlighted when someone searches for something, and it makes things easy for other people to find you. It is also like a social networking site, so you can unabashedly share your pictures and videos with the others; you can even add your own video or picture to make your profile look appealing. Since this is one of the most populated BDSM dating sites, you have a lot of options to choose from.

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    Fetlife is another effective BDSM community which connects BDSM-lovers from all across the world. It is just another social networking site like Facebook or Twitter but it is exclusively for people who are into kinky sex. In this space, you can share pictures and videos with other members who understand your fetishes and kinks.

    This is a safe house for all kinky lovers who feel like an outcast amidst normal people. You can join various groups here where you can discuss without inhibition your taste and preferences, and participate in events. You never know, you may just come across your ideal mate.

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    Fetster is a wonderful site for all BDSM lovers, especially the beginners. It is a community that provides a thorough education on the BDSM lifestyle. The best thing about Fetster is that it's completely free. You can join or make groups and talk about various kinks and fetishes. From foot fetish to spanking to pet play and slavery kink, everything is allowed here. There is a variety of people to choose from; you can choose your mate according to your age, sex, sexual orientation and preference.

    There are many attractive features in this website; you can freely mail or message your favorites and share pictures and videos. You also have full privacy of your account. This is a wonderful space for people who want to learn how to become a dominatrix or a mistress or a submissive. Fetster is also very user friendly; this site helps in making the concept of BDSM popular. There is an extensive FAQ section in the website from where you can learn about mutuality and respect that are very much important in a BDSM relationship and also about how you may actually find love in it.

    Site Category: Community
  • #5 is a bdsm porn site that will definitely fulfill all your desires vicariously. There is a huge collection of BDSM videos that would give you a great time. There are many categories to choose from, so knock yourself out! This porn site is just like Pornhub but it's exclusively for BDSM.

    Apart from videos, there are also live shows happening on this site, so keep yourself updated. From dungeon sex to gangbang, from sex machine to gay bondage, you can find any of your fetishes and kinks here. You can also find videos according to your sexual orientation and preferences. There is also an online sex store in this website from where you can buy kinky sex toys and other equipments. This is an absolute treasure trove for all BDSM enthusiasts.

    Site Category: Porn Site
  • #6 is yet a BDSM community where you can find people who practice BDSM and are not shy about it. You need to sign up to this community to become a member. From submissive women to dominant men and the other way round, you can find anyone you want in this community. TheCage is also a community which is especially enlightening for the novices as it provides detailed information about the origin of BDSM, how one should go about it and what the ideal ways are of getting the ultimate pleasure.

    TheCage is best for the people who need a free space to indulge in their desires. It is a user friendly community that provides with a lively chat room where one can participate in discussions about BDSM. It also gives you the option of making personal blogs where you can freely express yourself. The cage actually gives you the real, tangible sense of a community which makes it so very special. Their community is built on the principle of SSC, acronym for Safe, Sane and Consensual.

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  • #7 is a website where you can go through a test that actually helps you understand your sexuality and your preferences and what position you would like best in your BDSM relationship. This is a test from which you can know your sexual deviation. This test makes you confront what you like and dislike in your sex life.

    BDSMtest takes an extensive test and as a result tells you what kinky stuff you are into. It's actually ideal if you and your BDSM partner go through such a test before you get into this lifestyle. It might help you clear things up between the two and help both of you get to know your tastes and preferences better. It also makes a PDF of your result which you can print and show your partner. Frankly, you will learn more about BDSM from the test than you will learn from Fifty Shades of Grey, so definitely try this.

    Site Category: Test Site

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These BDSM sites are extremely crucial in normalizing BDSM and validating the BDSM practitioners. BDSM has always been seen as beastly, insane and abnormal. These websites bring to the light the truth about BDSM and make a safe social space for people who feel unwelcomed in their communities because of the difference in their desires.

Films and literature often misconstrue this lifestyle and do more harm than good. The online BDSM communities connect people from all across the globe and from varying sexual orientations. There is a shared respect and reciprocation between the people practicing it; it is not rape, BDSM is just a play between two or more people who actually derive pleasure from sexual pain or torture. They love the adrenaline rush that comes from the sense of danger, the power play or bondage. These websites enable for people who are afraid to express themselves otherwise to find a platform where they can actually enjoy being who they are.

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